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    In my months of speaking with district residents, I have heard from them what they consider their most urgent problems.  I intend to address every one of these issues

    1. Crime/Community Safety.
      Gang problems, drug related crimes, and ongoing violence, including domestic violence and threats of terrorism in our district, prevent our citizens from feeling safe and being safe.  Everyone in the district has the right to be safe, and women and children especially need to be protected.  A safer life in our communities is possible, and we must reduce the barriers that we have all created and work together more closely to make this happen.  Working alongside community experts, I am going to focus on empowering inner-city community women to learn about their self-protection and protection of their children. Our goal is to formulate a women’s inner city defense initiative through a team of volunteer educators.
    2. Police Relations.
      Recent events local events have brought  home to our Cleveland and Akron communities concerns about the way our police interact with minority residents.  Just as important, however, is how our community residents act toward our law enforcement officers. There are faults and accusations on both sides, and we must address them. Our citizens need protection, and the police have the responsibility to provide that protection. But our police cannot do their job properly without the cooperation and respect of the community.The present situation is preventing effective crime control, and separates our police from those they are sworn to protect. Together, we need to redefine what effective policing actually encompasses.  I will work with our Governor and statewide experts and with the residents of our community to develop new ways to connect effective policing to the community.
    3. Enabling and Promoting Reentry.
      For former convicts, and for their families, we need to develop processes and procedures that will welcome them back to their communities.  They need to be able to take advantage of current job opportunities and the education/training for those jobs.  We must create gateways for them to attain essential employment.  Chronic unemployment is the quickest path to re-incarceration.  I will work to make this happen by supporting federal tax incentives for companies which hire former inmates, and scholarship funds for retraining.  Foreign and immigrant criminals should be deported as promptly as possible; our federal government should not be using taxpayer dollars to incarcerate foreign criminals for long periods of time, and neither should they be let loose on our streets to re-offend. Drug-related immigrant criminals have the highest rate of repeat crimes in the nation.


    Today, many District 11 residents believe that the opportunity for meaningful employment is denied them.  One of the primary focuses of my Campaign is to address this.

    1. Job Creation.  We can create jobs in Northeast Ohio by assisting large companies to relocate to our area, encouraging local employers to take advantage of government programs that assist with training and hiring employees, and by providing help to individuals who want to start and grow their own business
    2. Vocational Training.  Four years of college is not the right path for everyone and many local employers have unfilled jobs that do not require a 4-year degree. By utilizing On-the-Job-Training programs through the Federal Government, employers can receive financial assistance to hire and train new employees for up to 18 months. This way employers receive well trained employees and the citizens of North East Ohio receive jobs.
    3. Small Businesses. Everyone hears, “Small Businesses are the backbone of our country,” but where do small businesses come from? They are created by YOU!  People like you who have an idea, a drive, and a want to start a business. How do you start and grow your own business?  I will work with government agencies, local business groups, churches and volunteer organizations to reduce regulations, reduce taxes and reduce complicated bureaucratic barriers to starting a new business.

    Core Issues


    Pro Life


    NO income tax increase on ANY tax bracket, and NO reduced defense spending.


    NO Federal Spending as a means of promoting economic growth and YES on supporting lower corporate taxes to promote economic growth.


    I support the elimination of the US Dept of Education in order to bring these tax dollars back to the states to use for the purpose of educating the children of the USA.

    Energy & Environment 

    I do NOT support government funding for the development of renewable energy. I do NOT support federal regulation of greenhouse gases.


    I do NOT support gun control legislation

    Health Care

    I SUPPORT repealing the 2010 Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare.


    YES to construction of the Mexican border wall. I SUPPORT unlawfully entered immigrants to return to their home county before eligible for citizenship.I also SUPPORT making it illegal for the United Nations to continue to select and import to the USA refugees from the Middle East.


    I do NOT support the legalization of Marijuana for recreational use.

    National Security 

    YES, the U.S.A. should use military force to prevent hostile countries from possessing nuclear weapons. I SUPPORT increased U.S. intervention in Middle Eastern conflicts.

    This is not blanket support. Every conflict, in every time, has its specific circumstances. My correct is that I would never rule out the use of ground force to prosecute a war.

    Administrative Priorities 

    OH-11 is 15th poorest district of 435 Congressional districts.
    Primary cause of massive poverty: adult illiteracy. 
    Establish reading centers in D-11 affected neighborhoods using HUD funds & other appropriate fed funds, tie reading centers directly to Ohio job training efforts, and to local/regional employers looking to hire.

    Local office will create timely databases of who needs reading programs, which agencies/organizations are providing job training, & which employers are hiring. Staff will be required to have ongoing communication with all 32 municipalities, and attend relevant local meetings regarding other poverty-based issues.

    My federal office will focus on national security funding priorities.

    Taken from my Vote Smart profile.