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Running for Congress in Ohio District 11 involves my speaking with different groups of our constituents on differing issues.  People in the inner cities are concerned about illiteracy, job training, job availability, neighborhood safety, failing schools, hunger, homelessness, and a host of other issues, all of which need to be addressed.

Those living in the suburbs are concerned with our national and local economies, national security, government regulatory interference in businesses and banking, the slow but apparently inexorable diminishment of Americans’ rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, and again, a host of additional issues.

But one major issue is of grave concern to everyone in the district, even though, depending on where they live, our constituents view this from diverse perspectives.  That issue is ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.  They all don’t like it, and they want it stopped.

I begin by setting forth my position on the burning issue of child/parent separation at our southern border.  I support maintaining children of illegal aliens with their parents, but we must be very careful to avoid the trafficking of young children who are being brought to the border by adults who claim to be their parents, but who in reality are traffickers of children.  Before any reunion may take place, there must be a process which determines that a young person is the natural child of the adult illegal alien entrant who claims him or her.  Child trafficking is a constant threat, and it is the duty of our government not to return children to traffickers.

I am also against placing children in jails with adults, whether their parents or not, who are criminals of any sort and dangerous to our American communities.

In general, suburbanites believe that controlling our borders is the only way to keep our country, its rights, and our American heritage intact.  They see that open borders equates to the demise of United States.  Also, they are law and order people.  Potential immigrants should not break our laws by entering our country illegally.  They feel that the illegal immigrant presence here is just wrong.  Mostly, they see that these people are not assimilating with our culture; rather, they cause a lot of problems. They should apply for entry into the U.S. and be processed by following our prescribed legal procedures, and those who cross illegally should immediately be shown the door.

Victor Davis Hanson, renowned author and analyst of war and the history of war, has presented an excellent summary of these problems in Immigration Rhetoric vs. Reality in The Classicist podcast of The Hoover Institute, July 2, 2018.  Dr. Hanson analyzes the issue of illegal immigration, including a discussion of the degradation of his own neighborhood near Fresno, California by the presence and behavior of illegal alien immigrants.

Residents of our inner cities are now beginning to understand that illegal immigration is having a negative effect on their housing, their healthcare, and, particularly, on their employment and wage rates.  Jobs are going to new unwelcome residents, many of whom are illegals, rather than to our own citizens of our inner cities, who have been waiting years for a chance of relatively normal prosperity, a chance that never comes to them.

East Cleveland is the poorest city in Ohio.  The City of Cleveland is 4th poorest.  We must work to bring back economic prosperity to our cities, first because it is the right and moral thing to do.  Further, suburbs cannot maintain their own prosperity if the inner cities fail.  The suburbs must participate in this revitalization effort.

In what way is illegal immigration causing problems for black folks in our inner cities?  This issue has been studied extensively by Peter Kirsanow, a highly-respected black Clevelander who is the longest-serving member of the United States Commission on Civil Rights.  Peter is a brilliant employment law attorney with a prominent Cleveland law firm.  He is also our neighbor, living here in District 11.

Peter has done the research on this issue, has written about it publically, and has testified before Congress.  He has also written about it to Marcia Fudge, presently his own Ohio District 11 congresswoman.  He states,

“We need to understand illegal immigrants have some negative competitive effects on American workers.  They drag down wage rates, drag down employment, and compete directly with blacks in industries such as service, hospitality, and construction.  Welfare and college spots have been taken from Americans and given to illegal immigrants.  They are a net drain on the economy.”

Kirsanow’s research shows that competition from illegal aliens has caused 40% of the nineteen-point decline of black employment levels over a couple of decades.

“We are talking over a million jobs.  Black wage rates were suppressed by $1,000 annually.  Democrats are throwing blacks under the bus by appealing for the Hispanic vote by calling for open borders.  The lives of blacks in cities like Detroit, with uninterrupted Democratic rule for decades, have not improved significantly.  These policies have been devastating to blacks.”

This is happening to our black neighbors here in District 11.  Mr. Kirsanow puts the blame for this failure solely on the Democratic Party.  We need to keep in mind that the Democrats have held almost all elective offices in the large cities of Northeast Ohio for over 35 years.  The last Republican to hold the congressional seat now held by Marcia Fudge left office in 1983.

Every move the Democrats make regarding immigration policy promotes allowing more and more illegal aliens into the United States.  The Democrats are, in effect, advocating that the United States enforce no limits on immigration at all: fully open, uncontrolled borders where anyone can enter the country and vote here.  Marcia Fudge votes in favor of just such “open borders” measures.

Marcia Fudge has shown she cares not at all about the effect illegal immigration has on the condition of the people of District 11 whom she misrepresents in Congress.  In the U.S. House she votes directly against the interests of the people who elected her to this office.  In HR-5272  (2014) she voted against controlling massive illegal immigration; In HR-5281 (2010) and HR 3012 (2011) she voted for giving immigrants easier access to our jobs, with work permits and green cards; and in HJRes 79 (2013) she voted against stronger border security.

Regarding the position and behavior of the Democratic Party, Mr. Kirsanow continues,

“It is really disappointing to see an entire party more invested in the plight of foreigners than in the welfare of Americans.  The Democrats understand that even though they have policies devastating to blacks they still get 90% of their votes.  They have disjointed appeals to different identity groups, with electoral politics trumping all.”

Peter Kirsanow has shared these figures and his analyses directly with Ms. Fudge, in four separate in-depth research analyses.  He is an expert in this subject area, has testified on this issue before Congress, and, as a member of the United States Commission on Civil Rights and as a constituent of Marcia Fudge, he had a duty to provide her with the information, and he did.  When I asked him her response, Peter wrote to me on July 25:

  • “Marcia Fudge never responded to my letters nor to multiple follow-ups to her office by my special assistant.”

 Marcia Fudge, our congressional district’s top elected official, doesn’t care about our constituents in District 11. She does not deserve any of our votes.  It is time to replace her with someone who does care and who has a plan to begin to fix this district, Dr. Beverly Goldstein.

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