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The Administration’s Cynical Propaganda Campaign: Convince the American People to Support Its One-sided “Nuclear Deal” with Iran

It is now clear from the disclosures by the President’s Deputy National Security Advisor that the Administration misled the media and sold the public a bill of goods about the nature and content of Iran Nuclear Deal, and of the negotiations that led up to it. By entering into this fatally flawed deal they have put America and our allies at a serious risk of destruction.

Congresswoman Marcia Fudge and Hillary Clinton walked in lock step with the Administration in this deception, which underscores how out of touch they are with the National Security needs of our country. Marcia Fudge, with her vote in favor of the Nuclear Deal, even agreed to provisions for “self-inspections” by Iran of its own nuclear facilities.

It was clear from the very start that this Administration, in its efforts to get any deal at all done – even this very bad Deal — with the unswerving support of Marcia Fudge, would allow any violations of the Deal by Iran to go unchallenged by the United States government. There is apparently no concession which the Administration is unwilling to make to Iran to keep the Deal alive.

The Administration has even failed to provide Congress with the text of all the “side deals” entered into with Iran regarding its nuclear program. To this day it has kept the American public in the dark as to all of the promises it has pledged to Iran.

Iran has not improved its behavior in any way since the Deal was made. As it intensifies its march toward the destruction of Israel and America, and consolidation of its hegemony in the Middle East, the “Islamic Republic of Iran” continues to sponsor and wage terrorism at the cost of lives and treasure of the United States and our allies. Iran already has ballistic missiles that can reach the cities of our allies in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. It is now test-launching intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) that will be able to reach us in the United States.

Make no mistake: These ICBMs, which Iran is developing because of their long range, when paired with the nuclear warheads Iran will develop as a result of the Nuclear Deal, will not be launched against our allies in Saudi Arabia and Israel. The targets of these nuclear weapons will be in our homeland: cities such as New York, Washington, Kansas City, and Cleveland.

Our intense efforts to educate Congresswoman Fudge fell on “deaf” ears. I organized and conducted the STOP IRAN RALLY at Nautica Stage in Cleveland in August, 2015 and followed up with an education session with Marcia Fudge’s staff on the dangers to America inherent in this Deal. On September 10, 2015, however, Marcia Fudge voted to approve the Iran Nuclear Deal.

This Nuclear Deal with Iran, supported by Marcia Fudge, was sold to Americans by the Administration with false information. Marcia Fudge has put our nation and its allies at risk of attack by a militant Iran which has pledged our annihilation. A responsible Congresswoman does not vote to place her district of greater than 700,000 residents on the path to such existential danger.

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