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Beverly’s Opening Prayer at Donald Trump Rally, University of Akron August 22, 2016

Almighty G-d on High, bless all of us gathered here this evening, and all of those who serve, and who will serve, the United States of America.  Grant your wisdom, G-d, to our elected and soon to be elected officials and their advisors, and to our entire American people who choose our leaders.

The Talmud, the commentary on the Jewish Bible, seems to have at least two opinions on every question, and it does not fail us here:  One opinion is that the character of a generation is determined by its leader.  The other opinion says, the character of a leader is determined by the generation. Both are true in America today, and G-d we are all praying for your guidance to become that stellar generation, that generation which seeks reality and truth.  And that we base our country’s actions on what we discover and know to be accurate.

We pray for safety and prosperity for all our people who live here in Akron and Cleveland and our surrounding communities, that you our G-d, along with our leaders, assist everyone with their difficult challenges to help them deliver themselves from poverty, from hunger, from unemployment, from domestic violence, from infant mortality, and the fears and anxieties which have plagued our inner cities for years and still plague them today.

G-d, grant us deliverance from those who use terrorism and infiltration as tools to injure us and lead us astray from our marvelous Constitution, and to pressure America’s submission to systems of foreign laws, and grant us deliverance from the nuclear threat from Iran and our other enemies.

G-d please give us the wisdom, clear-headed thinking and action to back away from Iran and all terrorist-supporting regimes that seek our destruction, and to make daily decisions which are beneficial for America and all our precious allies around the world.

G-d we pray for all of our courageous first-responders who risk their lives every minute to protect the welfare of all your creation.  Help them all to remain safe, and to treat all of our people, in all of our communities, with proper dignity, and to keep all of our communities safe from dangers and crime.

Above all G-d, we also pray for all of our courageous and valiant soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen of the American Military Forces, G-d protect them on land, in the air, and in the sea, and destroy their adversaries.  Benevolent G-d, be their shelter and fortress, and do not allow them to falter.  Fill their hearts with faith and courage to thwart the evil schemes of our enemies and to abolish every decree of evil.

Guide them in peace, lead them toward peace, and return them speedily to their families alive and unharmed, who love them so much, as it is written: “God will shield you from all evil; He will guard your soul.  God will safeguard your departure and arrival from now and evermore.”

And let us all say, “AMEN.”

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