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Beverly Goldstein Criticizes Iran Nuclear Deal

From recent comments by Deputy White House Security Advisor Ben Rhodes it is clear that the Administration misled the media and was dishonest in its statements to the public about the nature and content of the recent “Nuclear Deal” with Iran. As a result America and its allies are being put at existential risk.

Both presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and current Congresswoman Marcia Fudge were complicit in this deception, clarifying their lack of concern about the security issues facing our nation. Ms. Fudge, by her vote in favor of this deal, even agreed to unverifiable “self-inspections” by a hostile Iranian government of its own nuclear facilities.

The Administration, in its efforts to get any deal done regardless of consequences, will apparently allow any violations of the Agreement without challenge or protest.

We are now learning of side deals to the Agreement to which members of the United States Congress are not privy, even though the Constitution requires consent of its members to any treaty. We do not today know what promises the Administration has made to Iran in order to claim credit for an agreement, no matter how flawed.

Subsequent to the announcement of this “Deal” Iran has not deviated from its hostility towards Israel and the United States, its support for international terrorism and its willingness to break the agreement to suit its expansionist ambitions. Despite international concern it is now testing missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads to the United States.

We have made strenuous efforts to help Congresswoman Fudge understand the implications of this bad agreement, but to no avail. I personally organized and conducted a Stop Iran rally on the Nautica Stage in Cleveland last August and followed up with an educational session with Fudge’s staff on the dangers that we face with this deal. Despite these efforts, Ms. Fudge voted in September to approve the Iran Nuclear Deal.

It is incumbent on any member of Congress to put the safety and security of the United States, and in particular a district of over 700,000 residents, ahead of her political ambitions. Congressional District 11 deserves better.